Project Alloy Executive Summary

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We aim to bring people, who are both early in their career and from backgrounds currently underrepresented in tech, into the industry by facilitating access to technical conferences.

Who We Are

Alloy; an alloy is that which has increased in strength through amalgamation.

Amalgamation: the process of combining and uniting. An alloy is a cutting edge new technology, and inherently represents breakthrough new ways of thinking.


For those underrepresented and new to the tech industry, access to promising opportunities may be out of reach. Conferences provide a space to nurture nascent careers by meeting industry peers, learning new topics, forging partnerships, and connecting with potential employers.

Unfortunately conferences are frequently expensive or far from home. Since we strongly believe that opening one door leads to others, our aim is to close this gap.


Alloy envisions building a network of individuals from underrepresented backgrounds who are new to tech by providing the resources needed to successfully attend technical conferences.

Alloy supports candidates in a number of ways. Financially, Alloy will cover fellows' cost of registration, meals, lodging, and travel. Before each conference, Alloy will provide informal training to fellows on how to prepare, network, and make the most of the experience.

We will also work with conference organizers and leaders to coordinate a welcoming experience for our fellows, which may include things such as one-on-one opportunities with keynote speakers or access to networking meals. Logistically, we will also attempt to coordinate any resources currently allocated to recruiting a diverse group of attendees.

Finally, we hope to begin a lasting community by hosting these pre-conference training sessions, sending fellows to conferences together, and offering various post-conference resources (e.g. access to profiles of other fellows to support one another in career growth or guidance for those looking to become conference speakers).

Our application process aims to select the up-and-coming faces of the tech industry. By providing opportunity grants and training, we create a more equal footing to our fellows. Alloy bolsters each fellow's chance of success by opening up access to networks that may otherwise be denied.