Being the only Latina, the only trans man, or the only disabled person in the room can be tough. Our background should be secondary to our abilities and passions, but we're not there yet. Women, people of color, and other minorities remain dramatically underrepresented in tech. [1]

So let's shift the ratio.

Tech conferences are a place where you might learn the insights to get to your next skill level, meet future coworkers, friends, mentors, and colleagues. Conferences ought to bring together all of the best and the brightest, but unfortunately, not everyone who should be there can afford to go.

We want to change that.

Project Alloy is building a more inclusive technical community, one conference at a time, by offering financial grants and other resources to people who are early in their career and underrepresented in tech.

We sent 123 people to Strange Loop 2017! Keep watching this space - we've got an end-of-year update coming, and we'll be expanding our efforts further in 2018.

If you've applied before and weren't accepted, please apply again next time!


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